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Someone appreciates me…

When I go away my cat misses me.

I know most people think that cats don't miss people but mine does.

Proof of this is the fact that he is sitting beside me right now head-butting my arm in an attempt to get my full attention.

His purr is also going at an ultra-high volume which seems to indicate to me his pleasure that I returned home to him after a six week absence. 

Now, my beloved silver tabby cat hasn't been alone all this time, my oldest daughter has been with him and my husband has been home for most of the time too.

But my cat seems VERY happy that I'M back in his life again.

You see, he's knows I'm great and beautiful and uh, smart. He appreciates all I do for him and he loves the unique and hardworking individual that I am.

Or, he may just know that I'm the only one who remembers to feed him every day.

And he might be happy I'm back because he realizes that I'm the only one that cleans his litter box.

Or he may just be glad that I showed up at home without the dog. (She's fine, she just stayed up north with the husband and the youngest daughter for the week.) 

But even if that's all that’s really going on in his little head, I'm still going with the idea that the cat missed me and is glad to have me home.

I mean it's not asking too much to want to believe that somebody I slave for misses me when I go away, even if it's just my feline.





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