Lists of Lists

ListsThis morning I created the 'master' list.

This list is the list of my lists.

This list ties together all my other lists.

Get that?


Yes, it's Christmas.

And some things are done, but most aren't.

We are wrapping up a renovation here and there's a million different little details that need to be followed up on. These details are now all on a list. 

My three kid's Christmas wish lists are now all detailed on my master list too.

The husband, of course, has told me he doesn't want anything for Christmas which just makes things harder, because now I have to figure out what to buy him too so, I have a list for that. 

And then there's the list of things that need doing to finish up the Christmas decorating of the house. I need a few more decorations and uh, something else. I don't remember what it is but it's on one of my lists.

I also have a list of the things we're doing and the places we're going to celebrate the season which of course all require their own list of things we need to buy or wrap or find to wear there. 

And then there is the list of the things I need to do to keep life going, like uh, buy milk and some food for dinner tonight.

So, now all these lists are stapled together and organized so I know what needs to be done in the next 17 days.



Here's hoping I don't lose all these darn lists…


One thought on “Lists of Lists

  1. I have often been tempted to make a list of lists, but instead I tend to put everything on one giant master list, instead. Drives my husband crazy – he can never find anything on the list – but I always know just where to find it!


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