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Apples and Trees

Apple Core

As I was
cooking dinner tonight I was reminiscing about the weekend and thinking about how
nice it had been having all of my children at home.

singing,' my son demanded from the adjoining family room, where he was watching

wasn't,' I answered bewildered. I honestly hadn't realized I had been singing.

your mother alone, she always sings when she's happy,' said my husband as he
walked through the kitchen. He then stopped and patted me on the head as he went by.

do?' I asked, surprised again as I swatted his hand away from my head.

mean, how have I missed this fact about myself for the last uh, four decades of
my life?

what Mom says about ME,' chimed in my youngest daughter who had been setting
the table for dinner and was hearing the exchange.

the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree,' my husband told her as he
walked by and patted her on the head too.

patting us on the head,' my daughter and I replied in unison.



Dad might have a point.

he just might be really annoying at times.



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