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Hoarders R Her

I just spent
two hours helping my daughter look for something. This activity morphed into me helping her clean and organize her room.

It was a long tidy-up which resulted in us finding the lost object, a full garbage bag and two other really full bags that are now ready to donate to charity.

And, I also
learned that my daughter is a hoarder. 

At thirteen.

Yeah, she's getting a young start.

What really
surprised me though was what she was hoarding.

She had seven
pairs of scissors, which explains why I can NEVER find any.

She had
seventeen different tubes of lip balm, which explains why last winter I felt
like I was ALWAYS buying her some.

She had nine
calculators, which explains why she can't do multiplication in her head.

And the last
thing she hoards I can't tell you about – because she would be embarrassed. But
be reassured, if you're a woman and you and seventy of your girl-friends come for a visit and you all get your period while you're here? We have enough product for


But the BEST
thing about this spontaneous organizing of her room?

< This guy has been packed away.

Yep, she agreed
that the life sized cardboard cut-out of Louis (of One Direction fame) can be
put away. 

And I, as well
as every guest in our home who screamed in terror as they passed her bedroom doorway because they thought he was REAL are very very VERY happy.

Good job,

And uh, thanks for giving me back all the scissors and calculators.

Love you.


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