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Fighting the good fight…

MP900387279I spent last Saturday
afternoon at the Ontario University Fair.

an event put on by the 21 Universities in Ontario where secondary students can meet University representatives and ask questions, gather materials and basically learn about what's possible at the
provincial level for their educational future.

took my older daughter to this fair two years ago and we both found it helpful.

my son is now at the point in his life where he is going to have to make some
decisions that will affect his post-secondary school options I thought I'd take
him there to ask questions too.

son however is an introvert.

He didn't want to be there.

He didn't want to ask

He has already decided what he wants to do after high school and
he basically told me that he was only attending this event to make me happy. He wasn't open to learning about anything new or considering any other possibilities.

Okay, I am not an introvert but I do respect that two of my three children are. I try my best to only force them to go outside their comfort zone if I honestly believe it will benefit them. 

I decided on Saturday that this, for my son, was one of those occasions.

As you can imagine, (I'll turn on the sarcasm font here) there's nothing better than spending a Saturday afternoon with a sixteen year
old male who is somewhere that he doesn't want to be, doing something he doesn't want to do.

It’s painful, truly
and utterly painful being in this situation – for both of us.

me, being stubborn me, persevered.

dragged him (literally) around from booth to booth talking to Deans, current
students and admissions officers about what they were looking for and what they could offer their
incoming students.

talked about programs, residences, tuition, admission essay requirements and marks.

slowly, my son became interested and engaged.

will say some of the current students they had there who were talking about their University programs were amazing and their enthusiasm was infectious.

Both my son and I learned a lot about what multiple Universities could offer him.

Later that night my husband talked to my son about the event. I listened from downstairs.

My son was positive, excited and, perhaps most importantly, is now motivated to get into
the programs. He had out all the materials the schools had given him and he showed them all to his father and he shared with him everything he had learned.

good things.

the fighting I had to do to get my boy to this point?

my friends.



One thought on “Fighting the good fight…

  1. Thanks for this, Leanne. It’s encouraging to know how worthwhile it is. I’ll be there next year (no doubt exhausted too) with my equally introverted son.


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