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Riding in the car…

'Your blog isn't any good anymore,' she said.

'Really?' I replied.

'Yep, your entries are too short and you don't write any stories anymore.'

'Mhhm,' I replied.

'Well, that's probably because I've been busy writing other things and the stories I used to write on the blog were all about our family and honestly, the funny stuff you guys do right now you probably don't want me posting all over the internet.'

She pondered the truth of this for a minute.

'The best story you ever told was the one about the raccoons,' she said.

I smiled at the memory, 'that is a good story,' I replied.

'Wait, you're going to blog about this conversation, aren't you?' she asked.


Yes, probably.



Edited to add – The raccoon story was a true event that I wrote about it in the summer of 2007. The twelve year old in that story is now the almost nineteen year old in this post who (doesn't like my blog anymore) I was driving around last Friday as I visited her at University. Yes, time really REALLY does fly. 

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