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Lecture #20,913 :)

LectureI almost gave
another lecture today.

can't go over to your BFF’s house until you finish practicing the piano,' I

DID,' my youngest replied.

minutes of fooling around at the piano doesn't count as practicing,' I said.

say it,' she replied and then she flounced off and practiced the piano.

see, she knew she was about to get a lecture.

Lecture #3.

the lecture I give her about how I spend 'good money'* and A LOT of my time
taking her to music lessons and dance. I usually then go on to say that if she
wants to continue these activities then she is going to have to practice or
they will STOP.

you wish you lived here?

give a lot of lectures.

#13 is about how not going to bed early enough will leave one tired in the
morning and that if my child just went to bed on time he/she wouldn't be tired.

#2 is about not eating healthily/regularly/too much/not enough so that one is tired
and cranky. It generally morphs into Lecture #11 about how their bad moods
shouldn’t be shared with the rest of the family.

#5 is about turning off lights when they leave a room.

#9 is about putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher NOT the sink. 

have about 24 lectures that I give A LOT in my house and my kids can probably
give them as well as I can as they've heard them all MANY times.

VERY consistent and very BORING with my lectures – or so I've been told.

today, I'm thinking that to save us all some time I'm going to stop giving the
same old lectures.

instead I'm just going to give all my lectures a number so that in the future I
can just yell out the lecture number and then my kids can just shout out the
words of it for me.

plan, right?



* Good money is different from bad money; bad money goes to pay taxes, good money I get to spend on what I choose. Yep, I make up my own definitions at times. 🙂

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