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Spoiled Brats

MP900427604My youngest
daughter is not talking to me tonight.

Her older
brother was teasing her and she totally overreacted.

Then, because
I told her to quit being so dramatic (and yes, I did yell at her brother too) she told me I was unfeeling and was basically an awful person.

Tonight both of
my children are mad at me.

So, even
though today I drove them both to school, picked them both up from school, washed their
clothes, drove her to dance, took him to a friends, made them both nutritious
meals, helped them with homework and did a long day’s work to ensure they have a nice place to live and food on
the table?

I am still, in their eyes, a bad person.

I. Give. Up.

Anyone want
to run away with me? I need to escape my kids right now.

thinking some place tropical where there are drinks with umbrellas.

And maybe
cabana boys too.



2 thoughts on “Spoiled Brats

  1. Reading posts like this is the surest cure for any empty nest syndrome I might occasionally suffer. Sorry for the rough day/night, but thanks for the reminder that sometimes quiet is better. πŸ˜‰


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