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GolfingMy son found a new sport this summer.


He loves it and he now has a THRILLED father and grandfather as they both LOVE to play golf and hearing my boy ask to go golfing to them is like someone telling me about chocolate cake that has no calories.

Or uh, something good like that.


Since my boy and his father have been golfing all summer I haven't seen a lot of them. Golfing takes up a lot of time. So, I was thrilled last weekend when they invited me to join them on the course.

Now, since I haven't played the game in probably fifteen years I was a little slow.

Okay, I was very VERY slow and a little short on the fairway and basically? I was terrible. I'm sure it was painful to play with me.

I even hit one shot completely sidewise that had my boys diving for cover.


This weekend my boys have another golf date planned.

I only know about it as I overheard them talking about it.

I haven't been invited along this time.

I'm not sure if I am hurt or relieved.

Probably both.



2 thoughts on “Fore!

  1. i can’t even imagine!
    i’ve never played myself, but i’m not that great at putt-putt.
    The Mr. doesn’t play golf. over the years, when i’ve asked if he wanted to play with a few guys he knows, he always has the same response- “they take it too seriously”
    something tells me he may be more along the lines of how you play.


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