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I love you. I’ll miss you…

Leaving HomeTomorrow Tired Papa and I are going to help our eldest daughter move into her University dorm.

We will drive her to her new school, help her set up her room and then we will wish her well and come home.

This time last year I was putting my daughter on a plane to attend school. This term she is only going to be 162 kms away from me so supposedly her leaving home should be easier.



But honestly?

I don't think it's ever easy when a beloved child moves out. 

And you know what? Eighteen just doesn't seem that old or old enough when you're talking about your own child leaving home. 

So, when my girl moves into her dorm tomorrow?

It will be a lot of things, but it won't be easy.

Wish me luck.

And send tissues.


2 thoughts on “I love you. I’ll miss you…

  1. at least be thankful in this day and age for all the technology that can keep her “close”.
    wish you well.
    and hoping you enjoy the time with tired papa.
    just think- canadian thanksgiving is a month earlier than in the states! bonus!


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