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I’m missing Minerva…

think I should go to Disney World.

I mean, why

warm there, it's mindless entertainment, everyone is happy and my BFF Minnie is

Yep, my BFF.

I love Minnie Mouse.

I was a young mother I had the great idea of decorating my daughter's room in
red and white polka dots and using Minnie Mouse as a decorating accent.

then I decided not to because I read a stupid parenting book that told me
Minnie wasn't a good role model for young girls as she was just a secondary
character whose only really claim to fame was that she was Mickey's
girlfriend. This was NOT, the book explained, what I wanted my daughter to have as a role model.*

Anyway, after a few weeks I got my mind back and decided for myself that Minnie Mouse was not a crack addict, that my baby was only three years old and that this was a pretty adorable

my daughter didn’t like the idea, I gave birth to my son shortly thereafter and then we moved out of the country so the whole plan got abandoned.

But I still like the idea. 

Today my girls are too old to have their room decorated with Minnie Mouse accents and I'm
not sure how my husband would feel about decorating our master bedroom in
red and white polka dots.

So, it looks like I am probably never going to have a Minnie Mouse decorated room in my

I know.

Instead I think I should go to Disney World, hug my friend Minnie and see it they have a hotel room there decorated in red polka dots and accented with Minnie Mouse paraphernalia instead.

Good plan, right?

Who wants to join me?



* I wasn't alone in my crazy thinking, I heard these exact same sentiments echoed by another mother when I was actually at Disney once. I blogged about it here.

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