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Poor Kitty

After being on the road for a while, for both work and fun, I am finally home getting things back into their regular routine.

I've been back for a few days now and everything seems to be meshing along again nicely.

Except this,


Hawaii 2013  (206)


The cat.

You see when things get too busy around here or if I'm going to be
away for too long, I have a family that takes the dog and sees that she is
socialized, walked and basically spoiled while I'm gone.

I decided however that the cat would be more traumatized by
moving then by staying at the house so I simply had friends come in and check on him daily for the last two weeks we've all been away.

Although, when we got back, everyone said that the cat did just fine, it is now obvious that he was not happy.

Since I have been back home he has not left my side. His favourite
place now is right beside my laptop, preferably lying on whatever I'm working
on. If I stop typing for more than a minute he will lean over and lay his head on my hand.

If I get up he also now follows me from room to room (along with the dog!).

The Veterinarian tells me that as long as the cat is eating and drinking I
shouldn't worry, supposedly the dear old furry boy just needs time to readjust.

I'm getting a little spooked by all this pet stalking though.

I’m also feeling guilty about all the upset our vacation caused.

Next time?

cat’s being shipped out while I'm away too.

Sorry bud, but I can't handle all this additional love and guilt.



One thought on “Poor Kitty

  1. I hate leaving my pets behind when we travel. I always bring in a sitter for our dogs so they don’ t have to go to a kennel, plus it helps that we always have someone at the house when we’re away. 🙂


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