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Hockey Night in CRAZY Land.

The hockey game
is blaring from the TV in the next room.

Since it's Saturday night this isn't surprising as most Saturday
nights my husband or son has the game on.

But tonight my son is actually at the game and my husband is out
of the country.

My daughter is home with me, but she doesn't usually watch Saturday night

So, why is the game on?

I turned it on.

Yep, me.

I put it on as
it was so quiet around here I couldn't think.

And that my friends, is mind blowing because usually I'm BEGGING
for quiet here so that I can concentrate on what I have to get done.

Tonight I felt differently and I have no idea what this means.

Except of course that it's probably another measure of how fast I.



2 thoughts on “Hockey Night in CRAZY Land.

  1. or, the romantic optimist in me says you were reminiscing and missing your family; and THIS is what makes you think of your son and husband especially.
    you’re going crazy.


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