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Tired and Cross-Eyed Mama

MP900387279I just finished applying for University.

Okay, I just finished
helping my oldest daughter apply to University.

But, I gotta tell you, with
all I had to do I kinda feel like I just applied myself.

I tried to just help and
not hover, but honestly?

For some of these programs,
she needed someone to help her. 

All of the programs she
applied to required supplementary essays. Most of the programs asked for
resumes. They all had applications that needed a second eye to look them over
and make sure at least all the boxes were checked off correctly.

She also applied to several
studio art related courses that required large portfolios to be
created, then photographed, color-checked and finally uploaded.

Everything had to be double-checked and triple-checked before it was sent.

Most of my daughter's applications were

Don't get me wrong, my
daughter did the majority of the work but I read and re-read everything until
my eyes were crossed this week.

And now, with the exception of the one application she is still working on, she's done.

And now, she waits.

And so does her cross-eyed
Mama – with all my fingers crossed.


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