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Losing Things

daughter has lost her dance slippers.


She had
them for her ballet class last week but when she went to get ready for class
tonight the slippers were nowhere to be found.

But I
know they'll show up again.

things always do.

usually right after I go out and replace them.

But my
question is, how long do I wait?

teachers seem pretty patient about it right now, but at some point I am going
to have to invest in new slippers.

At least
she's still in the beginner classes where the shoes are still slip-on style and affordable.

I’ve decided that this is why the older girls who buy those
really expensive fitted ballet pointe shoes have ribbons around their ankles.

I used to
think it was so the shoes stayed in place or because they looked pretty.

But now
I'm pretty sure the ribbons are there to keep the kids from losing the darn



4 thoughts on “Losing Things

  1. My daughter lost her jazz shoe, yes, just one of them, on performance day!!! She did not tell me until we were pulling into the parking lot for the sound check. Thank heavens one of the other dancers had an extra pair in her size, because we don’t have a dance store in town. Closest one is an hour away and closed on weekends. Girl, I feel your pain. Visiting from Bloggy Moms. 🙂


  2. I know this probably violates several known laws of physics, but I have little doubt that I could find your daughter’s shoes in the pile of shoes & boots that have collected in our mud room closet over the years. There’s stuff in there of all shapes and sizes. Based on the quantity as well as the variety, it can’t possibly all belong to my family. 🙂


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