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How Old Do I Look?

I was out
shopping for my twelve year old daughter today and I ended up at a popular
tween store looking at hooded sweatshirts and trying to decide between
two sizes for her.

Across the display from me was a woman with a young girl, about my
daughter’s age and size, who was pulling on the same sweatshirts and zipping
them up to check for the right size.

I politely called over and asked them what size the girl was
trying on, explaining that I was trying to figure out the correct size for my
own daughter.

They told me and I thanked them.

As they walked away, the mother, a lady about my age, told me she
hoped my GRANDDAUGHTER liked the sweatshirt I had picked.

I sputtered out to her retreating back that I was buying it for my
daughter, not my granddaughter.

I don't think she heard me.

And then?

I laughed.

But honestly, thinking about it now?

I should have slugged her.




3 thoughts on “How Old Do I Look?

  1. Ugh, I hear you! This happened to me once when I was shopping for a dress for my sister’s wedding, and the saleslady asked me if I was the MOTHER OF THE BRIDE. At the time I had three kids under 7, and yet, apparently I looked like I could be the parent of a twenty-something. GAH.


  2. Whenever anyone mistakes me for someone much older than I am, I take that as a sign that I immediately need more rest, relaxation and pampering. And then I make sure I get it. 😉


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