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Black Boots

'What's in the
box?' my husband asked me the other day as I signed for a delivery from the UPS cutie guy.

'My new boots,' I told him.

Later on as I was trying on the new boots he came and admired

He then asked the inevitable.

'How many pairs of black boots do you need?'

He has a point. I don't really collect a lot of things, I actually
try and keep things around here clutter-free, but I do seem to have a fairly
extensive collection of black boots.

I think it's inevitable. I live in Canada, we need boots to keep
our feet warm and with the changes in fashion I tend to buy a new pair of
boots every few years. Also, black just works with everything.


I have a pair of ugly but really REALLY warm black boots that I
wear to walk the dog.

I have high length flat-heeled black boots that I wear with jeans.

I have high-heeled high length black boots to wear with skirts.

I have high-heeled low cut boots to wear with dress pants.

I have last year’s high-heeled high length boots that are kinda scruffy
so they don't look good enough to wear when I get dressed up but they still
look too good to give away.

I have the flat-heeled low boots that I thought were comfortable enough
to wear with casual clothing when I bought them but, they're not really that comfortable, so I don't wear them
a lot now.

I have the black boots that I bought with the lovely red heels
that are super cute but they don't go with much of what I own so they only get
worn when I wear my red sweater and I remember to pull them on.

And then finally, I have a black pair of Uggs that I bought
because everyone else around me had Uggs so I thought I should too. But
now, I don't wear them that much because I really don't want to wear the same
boots as everyone else. 

Which makes it um, eight. I own eight pairs of black boots. And, I
guess if you're counting, with the new pair I now have um, nine.


It's a lot but I figure as long as I'm in the single digits I'm
still good.





2 thoughts on “Black Boots

  1. wow!
    i own 2 pr of boots. 1 long black with stub heel from what? 4 yrs ago. and 1 pr short brown pointier heel that are low and super uncomf.
    boots sound like so much fun.
    guess i’m just not really a boots girl.
    never wear skirts/dresses. the one time i almost did put them with a dress, i looked way off and not fashionable like the rest of the world who pulls this off.
    i can’t, um, fit into my skinny jeans anymore. so there’s very little boot wearing. i own one cover up that works with my one pair of leggings that boots could work with.
    the cover up is more for fall/spring (texture wise). the boots and leggings are black.
    i am so not a girl!
    accessorizing stresses me out


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