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What’s the point(s)?

Do you have a
wallet full of point/reward cards?

I do.

Can anyone tell me why?

I mean, I probably have enough 'frequent flyer' points to get me to
the end of the runway using my AirMiles card and this is after collecting with it for
ten years.


In my wallet I carry around one credit card that I use for
everything, a bank debit card, my driver’s license, my health card and about
seventy store point cards.

My purse must weigh an extra ten pounds because of all of them and
my back is permanently cricked from the extra strain.

But I also can't bring myself to throw them out as they might be
worth something one day.


So, here’s my solution. Can someone just come over and steal my
wallet? There's no cash in there so you won't get rewarded for your trouble but
my neck and right shoulder will thank you.



5 thoughts on “What’s the point(s)?

  1. i know what you mean. i bought a purse just to keep up with rewards cards.
    BUT i will say this… regarding your credit card you pay for everything with- i strongly recommend you getting a card (if you don’t already) that comes with money back.
    i tell everyone i know about my card because WOW. i’ve gotten SO MUCH back from them in 2 years. (of course, the clincher is paying it off each month so you’re not using up your rewards for your balance, ya know??)


  2. I can completely identify with this. And you’re probably on to something in that those “rewards” cards are often MUCH more rewarding for the establishments that hand them out in that they allow them to collect all sorts of information about our buying habits, etc, thereby letting them personalize their advertising and so on (making their advertising/marketing dollars go further). The alleged rewards that they draw us in with are usually pretty minimal and (if you’re anything like me) you forget to use them before they expire, etc.


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