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Peter Pan is my role model

Peter Pan PictureMy daughter
turns eighteen in five days.


And tomorrow she gets on a plane to leave home to return to school.

So, I won't be with my girl on her eighteenth birthday but I'm
okay with that because we celebrated her birthday as a family today.

My baby is almost all grown-up. She's spent the last two weeks applying to
colleges and universities and is busy planning her future.

It's all good. Fantastic, even.

But what I can't understand is how she got to be so old while I'm
still so young.

I know, according to the math, I'm old enough to have a child this
age but I don't really feel like I'm old enough
to have a daughter this uh, OLD.

Honestly, most days I still kinda feel like I'm twenty-something.

I'm sorta like Peter Pan in that I don't want to grow up or get older.

Actually, I'm okay with the idea of being a little bit older and having to be independent and responsible, I just don't want to get really old and fall apart physically and uh, lose what I still have left of my mind. 

Sometimes, like tonight, I feel like I'm heading to old age at lightning speed.

Still, according to Google Peter Pan was created in 1902 and he
looks pretty spry and wrinkle-free for 110.

So, I guess there's hope.

I hope. 

How old do you feel?


3 thoughts on “Peter Pan is my role model

  1. Oh, I’m with you!! I have a year and a half before my baby flies the coop and I have to remind myself every day to be happy for THIS moment and not get sad already. Your post hits home, for sure. Cheers to our eternal youth!! 🙂


  2. i agree with not wanting my baby to grow up.
    i knew this would be a problem when i had her!
    and no, i don’t FEEL my age. and i do NOT want to get older.
    at all.
    in fact my whole life, i never really “saw” my life after 40. so, wondering if i make it another coupla years…..


  3. Some days, I feel like I’m pushing 80 pretty hard (though I’m not yet 45). My second-oldest turned 23 on the 8th of January. My oldest will be 25 in June and my youngest will be 19. So I definitely know what you’re talking about. My grandmother, straight into her seventies, always used to say she felt “about 26.” I’ve often wondered how/why she picked that particular year.


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