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As long as we don’t go extinct…

Our family name
is also my husband's license plate.

I was looking for a gift for him a few years ago and when I found
that our surname was available as a personalized plate I bought it for him.

For the sake of this story let's say our last name is uh,

Last week we were attending our youngest daughter's Christmas
concert and, since parking was at a premium, my husband let me out at the front
of the theatre.

I was climbing out of his jeep when I overheard a tiny young voice
ask their mother what a Happyfield is.

The mother of this child happens to be a friend of mine and she
glanced up to see why her daughter had asked, noted the license plate, then looked
up at me and smiled as she pointed in my direction and said,

'That's a Happyfield'.

And that my friends, is how my I went from being part of a family
to becoming part of a species. 

And you know what? 

I think I'm okay with that.


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