Christmas · Daughters

One more day

One hundred and
seven days ago, my oldest daughter got on a plane and left to go overseas for

She's doing great but I totally underestimated how much we would
miss her.

Honestly, I didn't even know I could miss someone this much.

But tomorrow she will be coming home for Christmas.

Skype is fine, but it's just not the same as looking into her
beautiful blue eyes in person.

Today I am feeling very blessed because for the next two weeks all my
children will be home again.

They will all be sleeping in their own beds, bickering
with their siblings, rolling their eyes at me, eating everything in sight and making a
huge mess of my house. 


I can't wait.

What's going on at your house this Christmas?


One thought on “One more day

  1. My kids are 18 to 24. It’s crazy to me how quickly it’s become a luxury to have them all under the same roof for even a couple of hours. I had three of my four home for Christmas and it was glorious. 😉


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