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My son is
writing a set of high school exams this week. It's been a long week and he's
been studying hard.

On Tuesday night, my son's hockey team had a game. My boy had
written an exam at 8 am that morning and had another to write the next morning,
but he was burnt out, glassy eyed and fidgety so we decided together that he should
play the game with his team, get rid of some excess energy then come home for a
good night's sleep before his next exam.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

My husband was out of town so his little sister and I went and
watched the game. All was well, until the last minute of the third period, when
my son was tripped, fell backwards landing on his stick with all his fifteen-year-old weight and managed to squish his pinky finger between the stick and the

I could tell from the stands that it hurt like uh, heck.

He skated off and the game ended, but there was a huddle of helpful coaches
and trainers around my boy on the bench, so his little sister and I wandered over
to see what we could do to help.

Helping meant we packed up all his equipment then drove him to the
ER for x-rays and splinting.

Did I mention that the game seemed like a good idea at the time?



PS. He is fine today, five days later, the swelling is down and he was
able to continue to write his exams even with the pinky finger of his writing
hand black, blue and swollen. It's true – hockey players are tough. 🙂


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