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Do stores HAVE to make price adjustments?

On Friday, I
was in a store, which is part of a well-known American home and design chain,
and I bought a rather expensive but good quality duvet cover for my oldest
daughter’s bed.

It's exactly 17 days (and yes, I'm counting and yes, I'm excited)
until my oldest daughter comes home for Christmas and I'm trying to pretty up
her room a bit for her.  

After I made my purchase, I went home, opened up my e-mail and
found an ad from the same chain informing me that the EVERYTHING in their
stores was going to be 15% off all weekend.

It just figures, I thought.

Yesterday, I had to be back in the same area of this particular
store with my youngest daughter, and the sale was still on, so I thought I
would take the duvet cover back and get my receipt adjusted. 

The woman behind the counter told me she could not refund me the
difference. She then called over the manager who told me the same thing.

I sighed.

I still had my receipt and the duvet cover was still in its
original packaging in perfect condition so I politely told them that I wanted
to return it. My receipt stated that I had 90 days to do this.

The manager sputtered and told me that I couldn't return the cover as I might just turn around and rebuy
it and expect the sale price.


Finally, after a few minutes of silence and me not budging from
the front of the counter, the manager took back my purchase and then
re-sold it to me with the discount.

So, here’s my question.

Shouldn’t the manager have adjusted the receipt as soon as I
asked? Don't they have to do this? Is there a law? If the price drops within
twenty-four hours of a purchase, doesn't the store HAVE to adjust the price if
the customer asks for it? I must admit I don't like confrontation and I almost
walked away. 

In the end, this particular manager gave me the discount so I'm
not going to drag their store name through the social media mud, but really
does anyone know how this stuff works?

Let me know what you think.


4 thoughts on “Do stores HAVE to make price adjustments?

  1. There are no laws about lowering prices but it is good business practice. I can’t believe they gave you a hard time about returning it. I would be ticked (and might have dragged their name through social media mud). I am glad that you finally got the right price.


  2. I’m sure it’s not a legal requirement, but if you are within the standard return time period and the item has not been used, then I can’t think that they would hesitate. A lot of places I shop at even have a standard, posted policy that if you see the same item on sale within a couple of weeks of buying, you can bring in your receipt for an adjustment, no questions asked (and no need to produce the item as being in brand-new condition).
    I’d put them on notice, that’s for sure.


  3. Typical shitty service that will put most Canadian retailers out of business over time.
    The Manager is an idiot. I’d be all over social media with that one.


  4. I agree.. there is no law saying they have to refund the difference to you, although it is business smart that they did. But bad mouthing them all over social medua for ONE difficult ecperience is going too far IMHO. The msnager may have had a bad day, it hsppens to the best of us. Sure he should have set it aside but we all stumble. You got the price difference refunded without considerable trouble. Go home, enjoy the holidays with your daughter and let this go.


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