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Happy Thanksgiving 2012 (Again)


Thanksgiving today in the USA.

We lived in the USA for seven years and we had some GREAT
Thanksgiving celebrations while we were there. 

And, I must admit, I also loved getting up early on the Friday
morning following Thanksgiving and going shopping.

I didn't beat anyone up over anything but it was fun to be out
with my girlfriends just looking at everything on sale and sometimes even
picking up a great deal or two. 

So, this year I checked out all the American Black Friday ads that
had made their way into my e-mail in-box, and I talked on Facebook with my
friends about their shopping plans and I discovered that the number one thing
on my youngest’s wish list is less than half price at Target tonight.

But, I'm not cross border shopping at 9 pm on a Thursday night.
The drive and border crossing wait is not worth the money I would save.

And, my American friends ALL told me not to support shopping on
Thanksgiving.  They all seem united in their thoughts that Black Friday
shopping should start on Friday and today should be a day to enjoy family and
friends and to just be uh, thankful.

I can respect that.

So, if you're American – Happy Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful day
with your friends and family.

And, to everyone else living outside the USA – have a wonderful Thursday and um, feel
free to shop all you want. 😉


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