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A Pirate’s Life for Her…

My twelve-year-old
daughter and I were at a music festival this morning.

Lizzie sang beautifully and placed well.

As we were leaving, an older volunteer stopped my daughter and
complimented her on how she did. 

My daughter thanked him politely and we talked to him for a little
while about music, his children, the festival and a whole bunch of other

Then, as we were getting our things together to leave, he continued
the conversation by asking Lizzie if she knew what she wanted to be when she
grew up, he obviously was thinking that she would tell him that she wanted to
be a musician of some sort.

But, my youngest has been asked this question a few too many times lately.

And, she doesn't want to lie, but Lizzie honestly doesn't know what she wants to be when she grows up but she's also
smart enough to realize that the older generation at these festivals want her
to tell them that she intends to study music.

So, when he asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, she
replied, completely straight faced, that she wanted to be, a pirate.

Yep, a pirate.

The gentleman
chuckled, patted her on the head and walked away.

I still can't decide if I should be punishing her for being sassy or
compliment her on finally finding a way to dodge this question so successfully. 



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