I’m tired, tired and um, more tired.

DonotdisturbThis was one of
those weekends that went by so fast that I was left wondering, what happened to
my weekend and, more importantly, what happened to my downtime? 

It's been a busy week, full of kid's activities, parent/teacher interviews, music festivals and work. That morphed into the same for a very crazy weekend.

Today was also the day for the Santa Claus parade here in my town and, since I had to be downtown today, I was stuck in that happy traffic for
quite a while. 

As I sat there, contemplating the bumper in front of me, I realized
(again) that Christmas is coming and I need to start to get ready.

But first?

I need some sleep.

Did I mention I was tired?

Has that gotten old yet?

Don't answer that.

Night, all.


2 thoughts on “I’m tired, tired and um, more tired.

  1. really? a santa parade ALREADY??
    oh wait.
    that’s right.
    you guys have already had thanksgiving.
    man, i guess that’s just another reason not to live in canada.
    rest up!


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