How to Really Annoy a Customer

Dear Local
Dealership Service Centre,

Yes, I realize I have a broken tail light.

You see, it was dark, I was tired and I stupidly backed into the
corner of a large metal dumpster.

IT WAS MY FAULT. I know this, and even if I didn’t know it, the constant snickering
about it from my son and husband would have clued me in by now.

But, for the love of all things good in life, I have been to your
shop now THREE times in the past six days. You have kept my van all THREE times
for over FOUR hours and my tail light still hasn't been fixed.

It's a bulb and a small red lens, people. That's it.

I also now have over a thousand dollars on my Visa for OTHER
repairs that you suggested I get done while I was at your shop but I STILL
DON’T HAVE A WORKING tail light.

And yes, we are in the market to buy a new car. And yes, I did
test drive one at your dealership last week.

But honestly, after this week of non-service, my next new car will
be bought ANYWHERE but from you.

Tired (No, make that, really, really, REALLY Tired) Mama


2 thoughts on “How to Really Annoy a Customer

  1. Oh no!! Honestly, I have had an experience like that!! Some dealerships need to smarten up and realize jst how much buying power us Mamas have!
    Hope you get it fixed soon, and hope it felt good to get it off your chest!
    Thank you SO much for linking up today! xoxo


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