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Just pass the cookies…

I don't like


Don't like it, don't drink it, never have and probably never

Now, don't get me wrong, I understand how people need it to get
their morning started. My husband isn't his usual jovial self until he's made
his run to Tim Hortons, but me?

I get my morning kick by eating an Oreo (okay, maybe two) every
morning with a glass of milk.

And I'm pretty sure Oreos are not good for you, but that's okay
because I offset that with milk, which IS good for me.

And yes, I did hide in the closet when my kids were young so they
wouldn't know I was eating cookies for breakfast while I forced them to eat

And, now that my kids are older, I still eat my Oreos every
morning except now I don’t hide.

And my kids, just eat their fruit and shake their heads.


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