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Merry Way-Too-Early.

I’ve been
reading a lot of complaints lately on-line about how early Christmas stuff is
coming out.

I get that, I didn't like hearing Christmas music at my local mall
on November 1st either and, when I heard it, I complained to my shopping
companion about it too.

But, as I was packing away all the Halloween and fall trash
decorations that were littering my house last weekend, I started thinking about

And then, I started worrying about how everything was going to get
done, which lead me to conclude that I should probably get started on uh,

Because I DO want the house to look nice for the holidays and I DO
want it to be enjoyable for ME as well as my family and guests. 

Which means, I can't really leave everything until December 1st or
I'll just drive myself, and everyone around me crazy, as I try to get it all

Because, let’s
face it, no matter how much I try and simplify it, Christmas is a ton of work.

So, I'm going to start thinking and planning for Christmas this

Which means I'm going to join those people I was just scorning
last week at the mall who were humming Christmas carols.

Yes, I’ve gone over to the Christmas dark side.




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