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Is anyone even listening?


You've seen it, it's when someone writes what they are thinking on
a card and holds it up to the camera.

So, instead of the viewer hearing the presenter’s voice they can
read what the presenter is thinking on a card.

Like Amanda Todd did.

It's like Twitter because the messages are short.

It's like YouTube because it's well, a YouTube video, just quieter
than most.

It's hiding behind words, and it's often a silent scream for

It's a new form of communication.


Tweeting, texting, messaging, Facebooking, blogging, Skyping,
on-line news flashes, video conferencing, cell phones meaning people can ALWAYS
reach me and now sign-talk.

All new ways for people to contact me. You. Us.

None of these ways to reach my ears was around when I was a teen.

Which leaves me wondering if any of them are really effective?

I'm hazarding to guess that many of us are now tuning most of
these communication methods out, unconsciously covering our ears so we can
block out all the noise and give ourselves a minute to hear our own thoughts.

To give ourselves a minute to process it all and THINK.

Because honestly, most days all this communication?

It’s just giving me a headache.


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