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Smile, when your heart is aching…

I have a

I’m pretty sure I got my cold from the person who threw up on me during my return flight from visiting my oldest
daughter at school.

Yep, thanks to Hurricane Sandy, it was a bit of a rough flight.

I started Monday feeling gloomy as I was leaving my oldest
daughter. I then made a two hour train ride lugging a fifty pound suitcase
(yes, I bought too much stuff), an eight hour plane ride (where I was
thrown up on) and then I hopped on a short connecting flight to finally get

There is a six-hour time difference between here and where my daughter's school is located. 

So, by the time I got to the end of my travels I was tired,
slightly disoriented, sad and um, smelly.

But, also because of the hurricane, my husband’s scheduled work flight had
been delayed so, when I finally did arrive at my home airport, I looked through
the glass partition and saw my husband and my youngest daughter waving at me.
They had come to the airport to pick me up.

This was unexpected and it made me smile.


Hurricane Sandy
has devastated the town in New Jersey where my youngest daughter was born and
where we lived for seven years. I know my friends living there will not be
reading this today because they still don't have power and some of them have
even had their homes destroyed.  

So, to all of you affected by the storm, I just want you to know
that my thoughts are with you and I'm hoping you're all safe.

And, I'm also hoping that something unexpected happens for you
today that will make you smile too.



2 thoughts on “Smile, when your heart is aching…

  1. I can’t believe someone threw up on you. That would make me throw up as well. It sounds like a tough flight. We got hit by the storm but are very lucky. While the Small Town has no electricity, my family avoided the damage suffered by so many. I feel for those who lost their homes to water or downed trees.


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