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How to have great skin

I was away at a
conference last weekend and I had the pleasure of listening to Kate White speak.

If you don't know Ms. White, she has been the editor in chief of
five magazines, including Cosmopolitan and now is a bestselling author.

She is also an articulate and entertaining speaker.

At this particular conference, she was speaking about her writing and
her new career book titled, ‘I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This (Success Secrets Every Gutsy Girl
Should Know

There were
several hundred women and three men listening to her speak and when she was done
her prepared speech she had time for a few questions.

The first few questions she fielded were career advice oriented or
were about her writing.

Then, one woman stood up, politely thanked Ms. White for speaking
and then proceeded to ask her how she kept her skin looking so great.

I couldn't decide if I was shocked, amused or disgusted.

I mean, here we were at a business conference and this woman was
asking for personal beauty tips?


You can bet no man would have thought to ask this question and,
I’m also willing to bet, this type of question wouldn’t have been asked at any
conference predominantly populated by men either.

But, Kate White does have beautiful skin, was a feature writer and
columnist for Glamour magazine and perhaps even more importantly, in her early
sixties looks fabulous.

So yes, although the question was possibly inappropriate for the venue, I, like all the other women there, leaned forward slightly to
make sure I heard her answer clearly. 

And, I'm not sure if this makes me unprofessional, pathetic or
just um, normal.



So, what about you? Do you want to know how she answered? Comment
below and I'll send you an e-mail and tell you what she said. 


5 thoughts on “How to have great skin

  1. I want to know! I always thought by the time I was 40, my skin would have settled down but NO, still like I’m 14 years old. Gah.
    PLEASE don’t tell me she said her secret is to avoid dessert.


  2. i don’t need to know.
    not because i’m not interested.
    but because it is yet another thing i will not do- either out of lazy or forgetful….
    my great-aunt was 80 and i thought she was 60- only because her hair was stark white. she used ponds cold cream since she was 16.
    i saw it. i knew it. i didn’t do it.
    i didn’t get it until too late.
    and now, it’s too late!


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