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How not to do laundry

I was away at a
conference this past weekend and I'm going away again soon to visit my oldest
daughter for a week.

My family does just fine when I'm away but, as I was folding
laundry last night, my husband wandered in looking for something.

'Are you going to be okay doing laundry while I'm away?' I asked
him. 'Do you know how to work these things?' I said motioning to our new washer
and dryer set.

'Sure,' he replied, 'you just put the clothes in and push a few

He then walked away.

Now, this is the man who thinks yelling at his laptop and cell
phone should make them work the way he wants.

But, he wasn't interested in even getting a quick explanation of
how our new digital multi-buttoned machines work.

So, suffice to
say, I'm taking ALL of MY clothes WITH me.

And, kids? I've taught you how to work the new machines, while I'm
away might be a good time to practice using that skill.

Just a suggestion.


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