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I was baking
chocolate chip cookies this morning when I noticed, at the end of the recipe,
they listed how to freeze the dough so that you could bake cookies later in the
week if you wanted.


Cookie dough in my freezer would be eaten before it even had time
to set.

It's sorta like people telling me what I can do with leftover
chocolate or wine.

It just doesn't happen here, people.

So, just to set the record straight, we don't have leftovers of
anything in this house except perhaps salad and um, squash.

And, perhaps Brussels sprouts. If I made those, which I don't.

Yeah, at my house, we're pudgy – but we're happy.


How about you? What leftovers do you have in your fridge? And, is Ketchup considered a leftover? 

5 thoughts on “Yum.

  1. enough times to actually be annoying, we are the people who will save something i’ve cooked for dinner….. only to throw it away on trash day. which just dirties up a tupperware!
    luckily, i don’t usually do the dishes.


  2. I always giggle a little when I read what to do with leftvoers. I save things like bread crusts for stuffings and bread pudding and bones for soup, but I NEVER had leftover supper and cookie dough would only last until someone realized it was there.


  3. I’m the queen of remaking leftovers–so that leftover chili becomes chili-cheese corndog casserole, etc. I also am passionately in love with the Ziploc Vacuum System–I freeze lots of leftovers for quick meals on weeknights, etc.
    I will say that the leftover cookie dough, chocolate and wine remind me of the time I was making bacon for grilled bacon-tomato-swiss sandwiches and Hubby wandered into the kitchen saying, “Is there any extra bacon?” EXTRA BACON?! An oxymoron if ever I heard one.


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