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Doing Laundry…

Washing MachineI was trying to
get Mt. Laundry down to a reasonable size yesterday when I pulled something so
stained and foul smelling out of the dirty laundry pile that I drew back in shock.

And, horror.

And, disgust.

And um, fear-with-a-little-curiosity-and-fascination-mixed-in.

Because, while I did recognize the garment, I couldn't identify
what had died on it and then possibly ran over it with a Mack truck a few times
before leaving it to decompose in a deep hole inhabited by rabid skunks
and sewage for a few years BEFORE it ended up in the laundry pile.

I started to call out to the family member who owned this
offensive article to ask exactly what-the-heck had been done to this particular
piece of clothing and then I decided,

I really didn't want to know.


Thank goodness, we have garbage pick-up on our street this week.


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