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They get into EVERYTHING

Once upon a time,
I had three young children.

As any mother with multiple young children knows, there are always
moments that while Mom is busy with one of her babies another will be busy
getting into trouble.

My trio were no exception. 

There was one memorable day when my son, who was about four years
old, managed to lock himself in the upstairs main bathroom.

Trying to teach
a four year old how to unlock a door by yelling through a locked door is tricky. But, after
a few minutes we managed and he was free.

During this
adventure, I had left my youngest daughter in the downstairs
play/family room. She was gated in and couldn’t escape but what I didn't know was that I had put my purse down in the playroom too.

As soon as my
son was free and comforted, I headed back downstairs to check on my youngest and looked into
the room to see my purse contents strewn on the floor and my baby
smiling angelically up at me, covered in a sticky red substance. 

Blood? My heart literally stopped.

But, as I jumped the gate and picked her up, I quickly realized that she was smiling
and proudly showing me her hands. She wasn't covered in blood at all, she was covered in lipstick.

Yep, lipstick.
Two in fact, two brand new red and pink lipsticks that had been taken from my
purse and then smooshed up. 

The best thing about this mess being made by a third child was that I was
now experienced enough to laugh at her and to take a picture of the mess before I threw her in the

So, I give you Exhibit A:

Lizzy found my lipstick

What you can't see from this picture was where these hands had
been before I had found her. 

Yeah, I had little lipstick handprints through the entire
playroom. On every toy. On every window pane. On every wall.

And lipstick? It's
greasy stuff that's not that easy to clean off walls, toys or baby hands.


So tell me, what do your kids get their hands into?

Lysol wants to help moms, like us, feel confident that the Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap System will help keep our little ones’ hands clean and germ-free no matter what they get into.

Lysol is excited to be running a special
contest for your Kid Who Touches Everything and your local school with the
announcement of the Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap ‘Is Your
Kid a Kid Who Touches Everything?’ Photo Contest
!  This
awesome contest will award the grand-prize winner a $10,000 cash prize and
$10,000 to donate to a school of their choice!

To enter the contest, simply go here and submit a photograph of your
child exploring and discovering his or her world in their dirtiest, messiest,
stickiest, and germiest situations. 

Oh, and after you enter, please come back here and let me know in the comments section that you have so I can vote for you!


“Disclosure: I am part of the Lysol®
Healthy Families Ambassador Program by Mom Central. I received compensation as
part of my affiliation with this group.  The opinions on this blog
are my own.”

4 thoughts on “They get into EVERYTHING

  1. Oh, does this bring back memories–I’ve had children swinging from chandeliers, milking the dog, “bathing” the kitten in the toilet, removing every CD from its case to “decorate” the living room, etc, etc, etc. Unfortunately, precious little of it was photographically recorded. 😉


  2. my daughter is pretty atypical in so many things.
    so, she hasn’t really been into anything. ever.
    she’s 4, and she has always seemed to understand boundaries.
    (she tests the behavior ones all the time. the physical ones? notsomuch)
    tho there was this one time where she magically WASN’T burned, even tho she did in fact GRIP the pan i just cooked on. i have no idea how that was, but all was well.


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