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She’s my girl..

I was
Skype-talking with my eldest yesterday and it was so nice (big/huge/massive understatement
here) to hear her voice from 6,432 miles away. 

She was telling me many interesting things and after a while, I
asked her about her schoolwork.

She told me that everything is going well, her grades are good,
she is busy, and slightly stressed, but managing. She also mentioned that she
really liked her Chemistry class.

I smiled when she told me that and I made a mental note to tell
her Dad, who has a chemical engineering degree, that some of his DNA was
obviously making its presence known in our oldest child.

I then asked her if she missed anything.

Her reply was instantaneous. And, you know what it was that she
said she missed the most? 

Dairy Queen.

Yup, DQ.

And that, my friends?

That is MY DNA
making its presence known.


PS. I've been nominated as one of the top 25 Canadian Mom blogs in the Circle of Moms contest. If you get a minute, please click on the badge below and vote for me. I don't care if I win but finishing dead last would be kinda sad. Or pathetic. Probably both. Thank-you!

When I last checked I was #42 Sigh. Now #35!  Thank you, everyone!

8 thoughts on “She’s my girl..

  1. I remember a friend of mine whose daughter spent a year in England–what she missed most was Kraft Mac & Cheese. The friend shipped the packets of powdered cheese and the daughter bought macaroni over there–to save on postage.
    (Voted, by the way. 🙂 ) (Is it just me or is a smiley emoticon inside parentheses one of the more awkward “modern” expressions. I feel like I just gave a smiley a double chin.)


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