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Please, leave my stuff alone. Please.

Remember these? You used to see them all the time at banks.

Since I now do all of my banking either through machines or on-line, I'm not even sure they still exist.

Just in case some of you don't recognize them, this thing is called a security pen. The idea behind it is that you bolt it to a counter and then customers can't accidently walk away with the pen.

All of the banks used to have them.

I want one.

And, when I get it, I'm going to attach one end to my bathroom counter, remove the pen, and attach the other end to my hairbrush.

Yes, my hairbrush.

And yes, I do have a tween daughter, how did you guess?



6 thoughts on “Please, leave my stuff alone. Please.

  1. that’s so funny to me.
    i’m pretty partial to my own hairbrush; i can’t imagine ever stealing someone else’s.
    tho as i write that, i realize maybe you’re the same way.
    but clearly not your daughter.
    maybe another idea is to hook one of the “ball and chains” to it as well?


  2. No girls in our house except when the granddaughter comes and of course she can steal my hairbrush anytime! The difference between children and grandchildren! 🙂


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