Tonight, I'm
hiding in my office, dreaming of being single and living somewhere exotic.

I'm dreaming of sandy beaches, floaty soft dresses, fruit drinks,
warm weather and a life of financial freedom.

In reality, I am listening to my two younger children bicker in
the family room. 

I'm trying to let them work it out.


Very soon, I will need to break up the fighting and get in my van to head over to the grocery store for some bread and milk for
tomorrow’s breakfast.

I also need to throw in a load of laundry so the kids have
clean uniforms for school and, after that, I'm going to head over to my son's
school for their back to school evening. 

It's just started to rain.

Glamorous, right? 


I don't think I'll be getting on an airplane to that tropical
fantasy island any time soon.

But, I still think I'm going to sit here for a few more minutes
and dream about it…


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