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Good Morning to you too…

If you're a
regular here you'll know that my oldest daughter has moved overseas.

This, of course, has changed our family dynamics a bit. We're
adjusting, but every day I seem to be finding another hole in our daily family
routine that she’s left.

There's less laundry, shoes in the hallway and jackets flung in
the mudroom since she's been gone. 

And, I've discovered, my daughters room? It has a FLOOR. Shocking
what you find under mounds of clothes and art supplies.

My other children have picked up the slack and are setting the
dinner table and emptying the dishwasher more frequently in her absence.

But, the one thing I didn't realize my daughter was doing every morning was turning on her
bathroom sink tap to a trickle so our beloved silver tabby cat could get a morning
drink of fresh water straight from the source.


That's what I'm waking up to now.

Yowl, yowl. YOOOOOOOWL.

Now, that my daughter's away, the cat is insisting that someone else take
over the chore.


So, guess who now has a new chore to do every morning, sleep in
day or not?

Yep. Me.

It wouldn’t be
so bad but I keep forgetting to go back in and turn the darn tap off again.

Dumb cat.


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