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She’s such a tween

Ever had a tween give you the 'look'?

Not the rolling eye look, that's the one that lets you know she thinks you're the dumbest person on earth, but the evil eye look, the one that says, if she could, she would shoot you dead and then erase the last twelve years of her life and pretend she was born to a different mother.

I got that look from my beloved youngest daughter today.

And, you know what I did?

I laughed.


In response, my baby girl glared at me sullenly and then a few seconds later she laughed too.

Because, even she realizes, that when you're the third child, you really have to learn to laugh at youself because no one in your family is going to ever take any of your pre-teen angst seriously.

It's tough being the youngest.

Thank goodness, so far at least, my girl seems to have a sense of humor about it.


3 thoughts on “She’s such a tween

  1. I call this the “Death Ray”–as in, I’ll get a look and I’ll put up my hands to shield my face and start pleading, “Not the Death Ray! Please, for the love of God, not the Death Ray!” and continue to carry on until the Death Ray daughter either starts laughing or stomps out of the room!


  2. My oldest doesn’t get her angst taken seriously and she’s the first. I just find the look so silly, I can’t even be bothered by it. I know she will be back the next minute she wants something.


  3. My only daughter was my youngest, but the teenaged angst of her three older brothers was wholly different from the angst of her teeny, tiny, bringing up the rear youngest self. We failed to take it seriously at great peril. So glad those days are MOSTLY behind us.


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