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Today, I’m sad.


Why does the
whole world insist that we ALWAYS have to be happy? Everywhere there is stuff telling us that we should be grinning and joyful. All. the. time.

Well, I am sad today.

'Don't be sad,' said my husband when I told him. 'I don't like it
when you're sad.'

Well, that's nice but um, TOUGH.

I'm sad and for the next few days I've given myself permission to
be sad.

I'm sad because I’m missing my daughter, I'm sad because I'm missing
the freedom of summer vacation and I'm sad because the beautiful hot weather
we've had this summer has moved on. 

You see, right now I just don't care that my oldest daughter is off having
the adventure of a lifetime and is doing great. I want her here with me, making
me laugh the way only she can make me laugh. I got used to having her around
over the past almost eighteen years and I LIKED it. I honestly DO NOT WANT her
to come home, I want her to have this adventure and be happy but, her being
away? It makes me SAD.

I also don't care that Fall is my favourite time of the year and
that soon we'll be enjoying beautiful crisp colourful autumn nights. I loved
the hot summer weeks we had at the cottage this summer. I want them back and
the thought of having to wait another nine months to enjoy them again makes me

And finally, now that it's September I'm having to get back to
serious work, get my children to their activities and figure out school
schedules again. I like routine, and I like that my kids are busy, but I miss
the easy going, lazy days of summer too. I am SAD that summer is over.

So, world? Quite telling me to cheer up.

I will be cheerful again – soon.

Just not today.

Today, I'm going to be sad.

And if you don’t like it? Go read someone else’s blog.


But come back in a few days. I'll be happy again, I promise.


Edited to add: I just found my daughter and her group on Facebook, and that tipped me over to thrilled for her and happy again. She's in the mountains petting goats! Goats! Goats on mountains are so cool, don't ya think? 🙂

5 thoughts on “Today, I’m sad.

  1. We are all entitled to sad days, but when there are too many of them, people grow weary of hearing it. I recently had a pity party, but someone said to me “Okay, you get ONE day, then be done with it.” Okay. I got the message.
    It’s hard for us moms in the fall. I hate saying goodbye to my kids too. My job as mom has been down-sized without my permission and that’s hard to deal with. Do I want them here? Nope. I’m with you–they are where they need to be. BUT that doesn’t mean that I don’t miss them or the days we used to have together. That makes me sad too. EVERY single fall.
    You aren’t alone in your sad, pally. 🙂


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