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Not much going on here…

Ever been
really busy, but not sure what you've been busy at?

Most of my hours this past week have been taken up watching and
driving to my son's baseball games. His team played amazing and reached the
final championship game, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't glad they were now
done. Six games over seven days is enough little league for this Mama.

This upcoming week I plan to get everyone ready for going back to
school. Papers, pens, clothes and all the other school paraphernalia
still need to be bought. But, I think I have a plan to get it all done, so it’s
all good.

Then there's the small fact that my oldest daughter leaves the
country in nine days.


For four long months.

Let's not talk about that though or I'll cry, and a soggy blog is
a yucky blog.

And, I guess I should tell you that my youngest got back from camp
yesterday. She's happy, she's lost her voice and she's painted bright yellow.
Yeah, she painted herself yellow at camp and this paint they used? It's not
coming off. It's weird having a canary yellow coloured kid.

And that's all I have to share at the moment.

So, how about you? Anything interesting going on in your world?


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