It’s good to be loved. I think.

We are still on
summer vacation in my part of the world, this week my youngest daughter is at
camp, my oldest daughter is working full days and my son is sleeping until noon
every day.

Which leaves me a silent house most mornings, which is kinda nice
when I have to work.  



But the cat and the dog have also noticed that I'm the only one around
and both have decided that I should pay attention to them all morning.

Right now, the dog is asleep on my feet and the cat has taken up residence
two inches from my laptop keyboard.

I really wouldn't mind but our silver feline has pushed most of my work, along
with my pencil holder, onto the floor to make himself comfortable.

Yeah, it was a
big crash and now it’s a big mess.

And my feet are getting really hot.

The neediness never ends…..


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