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Look that word up, okay?

My youngest is 12. I should know, I was there and I have her birth certificate to prove it too.

Lately however, she seems to be under the impression that she is 18.

A few minutes ago, she came into my office to show me a pair of shorts that she was planning on taking to camp.

'How do they look?' she asked.

I had her do a spin and then, satisfied with the length and fit, I replied.

'They're cute and the fit is adorable.'

She gave me her best evil eye.

'What?' I asked, looking up from behind my laptop.

'I don't want to be cute or adorable,' she replied.

'Oh, what do you want to be?' I naively asked.

'Sophisticated,' she replied and flounced out of my office.

Yes, flounced.

And um, sophisticated?

In jean shorts and a t-shirt?

I wonder what I'm supposed to say when she's in a prom dress?

But, you know what the really sad part is?

I am entering those years of her life where, in her opinion, I will not know anything or be able to do anything right.

The next six years should be uh, interesting.

And, kinda sad.

And possibly, downright scary too.




4 thoughts on “Look that word up, okay?

  1. Sissy just turned 14 and I’m tired of the eye rolling, the dramatic sighs and the teen attitude already. It is a long ride. They do eventually turn into wonderful human beings and want your advice again. Especially when they are on their own.


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