Throwing stones…

I had a lovely post written and ready to publish today about how a councillor in my hometown wants to put up signs in all the local shopping malls reminding people about the danger of leaving pets and small children in hot cars. 

The majority of the post I wrote made fun of the idea that we had to remind people to not be idiots.

I, wrongly, suggested that we really should be putting up signs telling people, 'Don't be stupid' or to just plain, 'Think!!'.

And then I read this,

Eight children die in hot cars in one week

The eight deaths from Aug. 1-7 are believed to be the highest one-week total ever, says safety administration.

And my heart broke.

And, I realized who the stupid (and judgmental) one really was.

So, councillor? Put up all the signs you want.

I just hope it helps.


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