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I’ll have whatever the cat is having…

We've been spending quite a bit of time up north this summer.

I love being up north. Being on a dock, reading a book in the sun is um, AMAZING.

The only down side of our cottage, besides the mosquitoes at dusk, is listening to our poor cat yowl for the three hour car ride it takes us to get up there.

Yep, my beloved silver tabby HATES going anywhere in the car.

We've tried everything to calm him down, we've caged him, we've uncaged him, we've feed him, watered him, cuddled him and used every natural remedy on the market. He just screams and yowls at us for the whole trip.

So, this week I finally had the veterinarian prescribe him some drugs. We now have drugs to help him if he is carsick and we have two other drugs to try to help reduce his anxiety during the trip.

Since I wasn't familiar with one of the drugs, I googled it. For those of you who know something about this stuff, the drug name on the bottle is, Apo-Alprazolam.

Do you know what popped up on Google when I typed that in?


Yep, my cat has a prescription for Xanax to help him handle stressful situations.


I want to be my pet.



2 thoughts on “I’ll have whatever the cat is having…

  1. We have a 90 pound male lab who finds the yowling of his feline compatriots irritating. He gives a sharp bark that hushes them both up. Good to know Xanax is a back-up in case his effectiveness starts to slide.


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