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Summer Cleaning…

Ever since I've become a Mom, and I've been one for a while now, I've discovered that I no longer get a summer vacation.

I mean, I do, the days get longer and warmer and it does become summer here, but I don't get a vacation any more – I never get a break from my usual routine.

In summer, the activities change so instead of driving to hockey, I now drive to baseball.

I still make meals every night, we just BBQ more.

And the cleaning of my house? It doubles as we spend most summer weekends up north at our cottage. This means I now get to clean the cottage AND the house.

Now, the whole idea behind the cottage, when we bought it, was that it wasn't supposed to matter if it got messy, we were supposed to track in sand, let chipmunks run free, drop wet towels willy-nilly and no one was supposed to care.

News flash for ya. 

I care.

I have discovered that I can only let the cottage get messy to a certain point and then I uh, snap.

Yep, once the cottage gets to a certain um, GROSS point I start handing out brooms and cleaning products and reminding my children and husband that they should pick up their wet swimsuits off the floor and, for gosh darn sake, if I see one more unmade bed someone is gonna get it. And those dirty dishes? Basically children, wash them or deal with your mother's wrath.

Does everyone complain and remind me that it's summer vacation and that it's a cottage?


Do I care?


Because while living in a dump might not pose a problem for my children or husband, when it's getting to the point at the cottage where the mosquitoes are moving out because it's so gross, then?

Sorry, hubby and kids, but it's time to clean.

Can you hear the whip cracking? 😉


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Disclosure: I am part of the Lysol® Healthy Families Ambassador Program by Mom Central. I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group.  The opinions on this blog are my own.”

2 thoughts on “Summer Cleaning…

  1. I love having more time with my kids in the summers, but there’s a dark side. They’re home right now making messes, eating up all the groceries in the house, and finding opportunities for Mom to drive or chaperone them. At least during the school year, I have the hours the lovies are in class to attempt to keep up with the tasks that go along with the Mommy gig.


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