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Tapping our way through Wal-Mart

Yesterday my youngest daughter and I went to see the musical, 42nd Street.

We loved it, it's a cute story, the singing was great and the dancing in it was phenomenal.

If you've seen 42nd Street you'll know there are a lot of tap numbers in it, and they are fast and furious and very impressive.

But, I didn't really realize the influence this show was having on my child until this afternoon when she and I went to Wal-Mart.

You see, since my daughter had been singing with her choir earlier this morning she was still wearing her low-heeled black dress shoes when we went shopping.

Did you know that these kind of shoes sound just like tap shoes on Wal-Mart's tiled floors?

Yep, if you bang and shuffle those shoes just right you can dance and tap your way through Wal-Mart.

It took my kid about four seconds to figure this out.

You know what else? It's sweet for about five minutes and then it's just loud and REALLY annoying.

So, for all the people who were smiling at my daughter today at Wal-Mart thinking her tapping was cute and encouraging her to continue.

I hate you.

And, at the end of an hour of shopping and dancing when I finally yelled at her to knock it off before something bad happened to her, if you are wondering what that would be, I'm here to tell you.

I took her to Dairy Queen.

Because yes, kids should dance, even if it is annoying and even if it is at Wal-Mart.

But, you know what else?

She is NEVER wearing those shoes again.




2 thoughts on “Tapping our way through Wal-Mart

  1. There’s something about making that tapping noise that’s irresistible. Unless it’s your kid making the noise so there’s no escape from their delight. Ice Cream sounds like a fair disciplinary measure.


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