Dull Mama

I saw a headline on The Huffington Post site today advertising an article that was titled, The Question you Should Never ask a Woman.' I was intrigued as to what, of the many insulting questions you could ask, this might be, so I clicked on over.

It turns out the question you should never ask a woman is when she is planning on starting a family.

True, but it was sort of an anti-climatic question and article for someone like me, ya know? The title seemed to promise so much more

At my age, married for almost twenty years to the same man with kids milling about, no one would even think to ask me that question.

So, I got to wondering if there was a question that someone should not ask me, a forty-something married mom of three.


** Birds Cheeping **


Yeah, I didn't come up with much.

Which basically means I'm quite happy to tell you just about anything. 

That and, I'm pretty dull. 

Any questions?



4 thoughts on “Dull Mama

  1. so funny!
    it’s about time society is getting with the program and not “assuming” all women will have a child.
    i’m dull, too- so i can’t even come up with a great snarky question to cause you to pause.
    i guess money and sex are generally taboo subjects for everyone; not just moms/women. so i won’t ask about either of those…


  2. I have a question: How much do you really look like your banner character? Like, are you a dead ringer or are you really blonde and 7 feet tall? With an elephant trunk? And glow-in-the-dark eyes?
    (Oh quiet, I’m just trying to zest up “dull mama” heehee.)


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